Private Guided Sightseeing Tours

Guided Tours of The Hague

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Single Person Private Guided Tours:-

Only € 120 for up to 3 hours Touring The Hague

or for 3 hours Touring Delft

[travelling between locations is a short trip]


Couples Private Guided Tours:-

€ 150 to Tour The Hague

or to Tour Delft


3 or 4 Family/Friends Private Guided Tour:-

€ 60 or 50 p.p. in Tour The Hague Group

or in a Tour Delft Group


Children Tour the Hague & Delft for Free or

½ Price depending on Age & Group composition


If required Extra Tour time based on € 40, € 50 or € 60 per hour

depending on Tour Group composition


Special 'Day Tour' rates and Scheveningen options on Request


Please Contact Tour The Hague for a Personalised

Tour The Hague and/or Tour Delft Offer


Transport costs or any Museum entrances not included


5+ People: on Request as extra Guides may be required